Courtesy of Fresh Ego Kid Clothing – Marvin Morgan-Mckenley

Make up
I worked alongside a make up artist to build up a portfolio of images for her to show how she works.I thoroughly enjoyed this and it gave me an insight into other invaluable aspects of beauty and make up photography. This was a contestant and winner of a Nigerian beauty pageant.


I visited a barber shop in London and i was commissioned to photograph the work of one of the barbers to exhibit to new and potential clients.I felt that this was my strongest image and gives a sense of editorial and fashion to it. This was requested by the client and was obviously very personal. For such a small project it really excited me as i had a chance to use my photography in a different environment giving me more experience.


This project on flowers challenged me to use only natural light. I visited my local park this spring to discover the new additions to the flowerbeds. I enjoy still life , there are some new additions coming soon.